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Self-Service Check-In Kiosks

Enhance marketing efforts and engage attendees with your brand from the very start.


Give customers the means for self-service

Payment processing

Automate customer check-in

Multiple points of access

Reduce labor and operational costs

Multiple points of access

Prioritize customers based on their needs

Efficient check-in, & fast customer service

As the situation changes, businesses and organizations need to adapt to the new normal. For service providers who remain open, the need for a safer environment for staff and visitors is becoming more important than ever.


Give customers the means for self-service

Give visitors the freedom to wander about after they check-in. Keeping queues virtual helps disperse crowding in waiting areas, and gives customers peace of mind.

Fast and easy visitor registration

No physical lines

Increased customer satisfaction


Gather important information

Ask for any information that would help you offer more relevant service and contact your customers. Better understand the wants of your visitors and prioritize them based on their specific needs.


Designed with simplicity in mind

Booking Kare self-service kiosks are designed to be used by customers and staff who are even unfamiliar with digital tools. Save on maintenance costs, and onboard your customer service reps with ease.

Check In

Set the overall tone for the rest of the event from the very beginning! Eliminate the need for extra staff at the door and expedite check-in, especially during busy times by authorizing your guests to complete registration on their own.

Kiosk Check In

Customize the design and experience of the self-service kiosk mode, badge printing, and endless check-in options to gain marketing ROI.

Queue Management

An effortless registration process that gives you the information you need without delaying guests at the door.

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