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What makes a great appointment or booking app?

Booking apps do more than simply give clients a list of available times when they can come in for a meeting, treatment, or service. They also let your clientele cancel and reschedule appointments without having to contact you. Additionally, they make it easy for business owners and managers to do their jobs, allowing you to streamline communication, centralize payments, and manage your staff.


Your business is one of a kind. The best appointment scheduling apps know that different kinds of organizations have different needs.

Payment processing

The best appointment scheduling apps let you collect a payment at the time of booking.

Multiple points of access

Once you set up an appointment scheduling service it can be accessed from any device

Search and Book Appointments


Encourage online booking for customers and make your customer happy with an intuitive appointment booking approach. Different time zones are handled seamlessly.



Seamless integration with Paypal and payment gateways has made payments faster that provides easy payments experience. Pay using credit/debit cards automates tedious processes and saves time.



With Booking kare’s All-in-One Event management solution, you can manage the entire life-cycle of your event flawlessly.

Our event management platform helps you to digitalize all the burdensome logistic processes and saves a lot of time for your team to focus on creating an extraordinary event for attendees. Besides, we offer super friendly customer support on email and phone.

Optimize Payments

Forget about chasing invoices and accept payments easily and securely online.

Meet from Anywhere

Add video meeting links to your appointments with Zoom and other integrations

Fully Customizable

Choose from our wide range of features that matches the requirement of your appointments.

Centralize your Bookings

Manage all appointments through one online calendar planner to help your business run like clockwork.



Improve good customer relationship, send email notifications for all bookings and confirmations and reschedules. Send reminder emails to customers and reduce no shows.

Configure Appointments


Define which of your services can be booked. Create and manage bookable services/products, configure free or priced services with various pricing options.