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DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION FOR GROWING BUSINESS ERP Industry-leading system modules that are
designed to effortlessly manage the business
processes from inception to completion.


View the entire supply chain and isolate events to anticipate problems and develop more efficient processes.

Delivery and service scheduling

Match delivery commitments to inventory, resources and skills; allow service requests to be addressed more efficiently.


Tune order management processes to an organization’s business rules and performance goals.

Customer engagement technologies

Give customer-facing personnel a view of the customer, back-end inventory and resources so they can execute transactions more efficiently.


Our Cloud ERP software improves operational agility to adapt quickly to customer needs and business changes.


Connect people, data, and things. Aqxolt Cloud ERP software allows you to stay in close touch with your customers, suppliers, and employees.

Booking Kare


Booking Kare is an application to process

Check-in/Check-out the clients into an event/appointment or checking them out of the event/appointment.

This app also provides an easier way for the

users to check In and Check out using QR-Scanner for the members registered to any particular event or appointment.

Download from

Enterprise CPQ for Manufacturing and Retail

Drive Faster Sales Cycles and Better Deals with Intelligent CPQ Software


Quotes (CPQ, w/ Product Configurator)


Pricing Tiers




Person Account Support

Enterprise shipping
and logistics

Let ESL help with logistics so that you can focus on shipping on time with accuracy. With shipping rules, packing slips, delivery, and many other features, ESL is a logistics management software and much more.

order-management-concep 3

Order Management

Order Management helps to track orders from inception to fulfillment and to manage the people, processes, and data connected to the order as it moves through its life cycle

Streamline Order to Cash process for real-time Control of multi-company, multi-channel, multi-language, and multi-currency requirements. Supports part fulfillment and backorders.

Supply Chain and Inventory

Streamline your supply chain operations and collaborate with your partners, Anticipate customers demand and respond quickly with planning and forecasting to reduce safety stock levels and automate purchasing and replenishment

supplychainandinventory- 5


Meet customer Expectations, track production orders, improve production planning, and fulfil orders on time. Schedule Make to Order and Make to Stock Process

Finance Management

Streamline Invoicing, Planning, Procure to Pay, projects, reporting, and analytics into one financial management system. Financial management software module gives you unparalleled insight and a state-of-the-art foundation for transactional efficiency and control.


Equipment Maintenance and Service

Meet customer Expectations, track work orders, manage Maintenance Schedule, Maintenance program and fulfil orders more efficiently

Human Resources

Streamlines the way you manage recruitment, benefits, employee data, sick leave, holiday, and absence management, In fact, anything to do with organizing your workface


Event Scheduling & Booking

The event booking, a planning application is designed for event management companies which require streamlined operations and overall efficiency.


Give your customers a seamless scheduling / booking experience


Customize the look and feel


Match exactly to your company’s brand

Appointment Scheduling & Booking

A user-friendly appointment booking system that lets your client view the expert’s real-time availability and quickly book an appointment with the expert.


Handle complex scheduling with ease.

Any Device

The client can book appointments from anywhere, anytime using any device.

Appointment History

Booking kare lets you maintain customer information and appointment history for easy reference.
Calendar table isometric landing page vector template. Effective workflow organization website homepage interface illustration layout. Business schedule planning web banner isometry concept

Queuing System

Create a Hassle-free waiting experience and offer great customer experience and efficient customer service. We build flexible and interactive Queue Management Solutions. Enhance customer satisfaction and let them own a better experience by providing a versatile platform


We optimize the Queuing Management System to enhance efficiency and to enhance customer satisfaction.


Reduces costs and minimizes the expenditures by investing in more manpower requirements. Procure the greatest features with a potential streamline of the mobile workflow process of Queue Management solutions cost-effectively.

Room Booking

Quickly and easily schedule the rooms, workforce, equipments and supplies that you need. Provide a clear view of reservations and availability. Update everything swiftly when reservations changes.


Integrate Seamlessly with Payment Gateways, E-Commerce Platforms and Accounting Packages


Aqxolt ERP Order fulfillment module captures the complete process from order to cash, shipping, procurement, and manufacturing to collaborate all business processes.

Aqxolt CLoud ERP | Outbound Logistic

The Outbound Logistics module of Aqxolt ERP allows warehouse team to quickly and efficiently Pick, Pack and Ship customer Orders. The outbound logistics allows scanning of Barcode items to be picked from the right location or Bin in a Warehouse. Stock dispatching is applied mainly to modules like sales orders, purchase returns, work orders, and transfer orders.

Aqxolt Cloud ERP | Accounts Receivable

Automate the laborious task of managing your accounts receivables. Aqxolt ERP Accounts Receivables module can help you streamline your operations, reduce uncollectible debts, email your invoices, and create a complete audit trail.

Aqxolt Cloud ERP | Manufacturing

Learn everything you need to grow your business with Aqxolt ERP, the best management software to run your Manufacturing business.

Efficient Stock Inventory - Aqxolt ERP

Having the right inventory software makes inventory tracking simple, have the inventory you need it when you need it in real time. Deliver on time, every time with supply & demand

Aqxolt Cloud ERP | Inbound Logistic

The Inbound Logistics module of Aqxolt ERP allows warehouse team to quickly and efficiently receive items and put-away/store into correct warehouse location or Bin. The inbound logistics allows scanning of Barcode items to be stored into a right location or Bin address in a Warehouse. Stock receiving is applied mainly to modules like sales orders, purchase returns, work orders, and transfer orders.


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