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Drive more revenue from your existing reservation book with custom experiences, reservation upgrades, perks, special event ticketing and cross-promotion of sister properties.


Our guest profiles, in-service alerts, and best-in-class reservation and seating management tools are intuitive and easy-to-use, powering better decision making on-the-fly.


Robust guest profiles give you 360-degree views of your guests – shared across all properties – with detailed insights including preferences, allergies, POS purchase data and visit history.

Room Booking

Manage meetings and appointments effortlessly. Improve employee experience by transforming workspace utilization. Use the reports and dashboards to see all your reservation activity and room availability at a glance.

Help experts find the best and suitable room to work with their clients on the day of the appointment.

Help employees book meeting rooms on the go. Make collaboration easy, reserve the best place to work and collaborate. Create a work place experience that increases productivity, efficiency and creativity in every employee.

Book conference rooms on the fly, find and book conference rooms with capacity and equipment’s you need. Customize conference rooms by setting minimum and maximum meeting lengths



Logistic is nothing but a resource management in case of events such as travel, accommodation and many more, which can be handled by the organizers of the event.

Click the Add logistics to create a new Logistics record.Add Quantity, Select the Category and Type of the logistic, Select the logistic Provider and enter the Item Details Click the Save button to create the logistic record for the appointment/event

You can add logistic for the booking by entering the registration number of the booking in the search booking option.