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Streamline Human Resources Management

Hire new recruits with efficient hiring process and evaluate employees according to their in-depth performance reviews and recommend training programs if needed. Define and calculate pay packages, contract and bonuses for different positions. Accurate and easy determination of the various expenses, quick and simple monitoring of employee time schedules and the maximization of their potentials and skill developments.


Employee Management and on-boarding process

Supports the entire hiring life cycle of hiring process. Capture candidate profile, generate interview questions, onboarding considerations, interviewer feedback to understand valuable insights into candidate potential.

Managing Timesheets

Allows efficient supervision of the employees by the timesheet feature. Easily record the employee's activities and work on an hourly basis, and that too for a range of different projects. Generate up to date reports and the entire setup allows for optimisation of the work schedule of the employee.


Managing Expenses

Enhance employee satisfaction by making the process of managing individual expenses quickly and effectively. The systems helps by integrating time sheets with the management of expenses, making the process more efficient by providing an employee self-service outlet where the employees can resolves issues with time sheets and expenses. Monitor individual and group expenses quick approval process and up to date tracking of claims and their statuses, quick and simple transfer of expense statements and receipts.

Employee Appraisal

keeps track record of employees and their performances. The company can then process to either reward or recommend training to grow. Also keep a track record of the entire career and the multiple reviews that the employee has received and record reviews after fixed time periods. Employee performance can be gauged by a set of pre-defined parameters based on achievement of the set goals for each employee.


Employee Benefits

Allows the employers to configure and manage tailor-made benefit plans for their employees. Configure and enrol employees to diverse range of benefit plans, helping an employer to retain good employees in the company. Streamline and automate your administrative activities by integrating benefit plans with the payroll system.

Leave Management

Allocate eligible leave entitlement to various employees with different roles. Provides complete view of leaves taken, approved, rejected or submitted to the approver. Automatic approval process helps managers to support the workforce trends.


Manage CTC (Cost to Company)

The solution allows you to perform all the tasks automatically based on the employee profile/position. Maintenance of detailed records for each individual employee or Employee earnings record, handling of calculations and payment of various taxes, allows planned and early processing of payrolls according to the needs.