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Quote-to-cash Process

Quote-to-cash process is the journey that begins the moment a buyer
expresses intent to buy your product and ends in what’s the raison
d’être for every business – revenue.


A quote has to be quick and error-free to ensure a continuous dialogue with the customer that leads to finalizing the contract terms.


The contract is signed and the said order is fulfilled on time. It’s now time to collect the payment.


An invoice can even be sent along with the payment link if your business prefers that.

Revenue Recognition

Automating revenue recognition and integrating it with your billing system will enable finance teams to recognize revenue accurately.

Product Catalog

  • Make complex product sales simple for all your channels.
  • Add hundreds of line items without sacrificing quote complexity
  • User controlled split of a large quote
  • Synchronized processes for complex pricing
  • Product visibility and availability rules (for location, channel, and user)
  • Guided selling wizards for configurable products

Separate Quotes

  • Full visibility into customer purchases on a single quote.
  • Quickly upsell and cross-sell added services with guided selling.

Sales Process

  • Manage Quote-to-Cash with an intelligent and collaborative solution built on a single data model.
  • Centralized repository for all revenue-related data.
  • Intelligent templates and playbooks make deal construction easy.
  • System with insights and alerts enables rapid improvement of sales process.
  • User-based workflows

Automating the Quote-to-Cash Process with Intelligent Billing

Let’s take a closer look at what we mean when we talk about “Quote-to-Cash” by breaking down the role of intelligent billing in each part of the process.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems track interactions with existing and potential customers. The Aqxolt CPQ intelligent billing platform integrates with your existing CRM systems to ensure the contact information, addresses, market segments, and everything else works together seamlessly, preventing redundant or conflicting data.

In addition to integrating with a variety of Configure Price Quote (CPQ) tools, Aqxolt CPQ provides basic bundling capabilities, discounting, and product relationships.

Once an order is placed, the billing platform kicks off an approval of the order and then sends details and instructions to everyone involved in processing and fulfillment, keeping disparate teams on the same page and ensuring efficient, accurate delivery of products and services.

Then, of course, there’s the meat of the billing process: the invoice, itself. Aqxolt CPQ tracks and manages complex (and simple) pricing and rating scenarios at high volumes in order to produce accurate invoices on time. It also manages automated payments and taxation to be sure the billing and payment process is painless and efficient for both the vendor and the customer.

With the Aqxolt CPQ platform, processing past due accounts has never been easier. You have the ability to do more than automated notifications. You can configure web service calls to external systems, provide deep provisioning to external systems, and set up dunning strategies for delinquent accounts.

The Aqxolt CPQ platform also handles your accounts receivable needs, ensuring traceability and accuracy, setting you up for successful audits.

The Aqxolt CPQ billing platform takes the complex and high volume billing data and aggregates it into data that is easily digestible in your general ledger included in your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.
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