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Meet manufacturing targets with more streamlined inventory control, material requirements planning (MRP), and job shop floor control / manufacturing execution. Also, automate the quoting, ordering, and purchasing processes.

01. Meet customer Expectations

02. Track sales orders

03. Improve production planning

We offer a solution that enables manufacturers to compete in the prevailing market atmosphere. With this suite, you can also transform the supply chain to achieve a production plan with a sales plan, manufacturing, finance, and customers.

(MRP)Material Requirements planning

Material Requirements Planning Provides real-time visibility to combined sales order, inventory and procurement information. Detailed and well-planned material requirements for every manufacturing processes achieved to reduce material wastage. Helps to keep track of required stock and materials used.

Bills of Materials & Process Routings

Manage products that contain information that affects costing in BOM and process routing. Tracks items that must be produced in certain quantities to make parent/finished items. Track items in/out effective dates and quantity.

Manufacturing Order

Manage the transformation of manufacturing orders into final products. Define the information about the manufacturing order such as lead time, quantity, status and also define the number of resources, materials, work centers, run times and setup time and so on in the selected routings.


The Manufacturing Scheduler lets you view and reschedule single jobs and operations based on constraints, such as resource or material shortages. It provides you with a visual display of jobs on the shop floor. You can interactively reschedule jobs, operations, and resources. You can manually control the rescheduling or let the system automatically optimize the schedule based on resource and material constraints.

Manufacturing ERP Features

Bill of Materials (BOM) and Routing

Enhanced Inventory Management

Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Production Management

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

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