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Axolt ERP for Industrial Manufacturing

With Axolt ERP for the Manufacturing Industry, you can optimize every facet of your Manufacturing from the schedule, execute, and monitor the entire manufacturing business from raw materials to final production to distribution, Inventory, and finance.

Axolt ERP supports multiple manufacturing strategies, including Engineer to Order, Configure to Order, Make to Stock, and more. This not only improves business efficiency and accuracy; it also allows you to accelerate growth.

Our customers use Aqxolt ERP for Manufacturing to:

Managing the right level of inventory for BOM (Bill of Material) fulfillment, especially while working with global distributors.

Efficiently schedule, execute, and monitor the entire manufacturing process from raw materials to final production to distribution and finance.

Achieving reduces stocking inventory levels and related warehouse space requirements. Gaining insight into the information required to implement first-in-first-out (FIFO) or last-in-first-out (LIFO) inventory management, driving a significant positive impact on the company’s profitability analysis and tax liabilities.

Providing insight into the right product/service assortment and quantity in a timely fashion. Increase in efficiency of product deliveries to customers.

Quickly and accurately manage after-sales support involving guarantee, warranty or upgrade of a product.

Achieve a higher level of performance with intelligent scheduling and dispatching tools that allow higher resolution rates, a shorter order-to-cash cycle to increase profits, and improve customer loyalty.

Keep equipment, facilities, and vehicle assets in top shape to help cut purchasing costs, inventory levels, and inventory carrying costs, while maximizing profits.

Quickly and accurately create quotes, orders, submit purchase requisite and launch new products, gain integrated capabilities for managing field service.

Managing a business on the go with the mobile applications. Ability to drill down to details, and collaborate through Chatter or email to drive updates and decisions.

With Real-time dashboards business can measure KPIs and align the business operation on common goals in a visual format.