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Slide A Superior Value Proposition for the Service Management Industry Globalised health management means nowadays patients expect stellar service rapidly and cost-effectively, requiring the medical community to access private information, provide guidance and perform operations on patients anywhere, anytime. Aqxolt ERP is here to help healthcare executives design and implement operationally flexible tools and processes. Aqxolt provides advanced capabilities to the health industry, helping corporate personnel manage data, work streams and operational processes effectively and efficiently.

Health Industry Challenges

The healthcare industry faces many challenges, seeking ways to adapt to an electronic world where patient data is stored on the cloud, and where security concerns and regulatory guidelines are stricter than ever. Here are the industry’s top challenges as of today:

• Keeping medical cost affordable

Healthcare managers must find ways to track patient expense while maintaining high standards of service delivery. The balance between cost and quality is more preeminent than ever.

• Improving patient care and health through database management

Health industry executives must reorganize existing processes to improve patient care and streamline data management through multiple platforms.

• Delivering local care in globalised economy

The medical community must be ready and equipped to treat any patient, regardless of his/her medical background, national origin or insurance status.

• Implementing tele-health services

To keep costs low, medical facilities are starting to implement tele-health services, enabling doctors to monitor patient health remotely and provide advice in real time.

• Addressing cybersecurity concerns vis-à-vis the medical technology

The health industry must establish proper safeguards and internal processes to gather, track, archive and access patient data – in real time, through multiple platforms, 24/7.

• Deploying care in the palm of a hand

Given the popularity of handheld devices, healthcare executives must find ways to stay in contact with patients, insurance companies and other stakeholders through devices ranging from smart phones to tablets and phablets.

• Managing drug prices in the value chain

Drug prices constitute a key element in the health industry’s value chain, and medical executives must work with the pharmaceutical industry and regulators to find the right price for the right medication.

Aqxolt ERP Solutions to Health Industry

Aqxolt ERP provides an extensive, advanced suite of modules to streamline operational processes at medical facilities, as well as implement patient-care solutions that add value to the organization’s bottom line. In other words, Aqxolt helps medical facilities increase profitability, care quality and patient data safety.

• Operational Modules

Operational modules focus on the back office, enabling the front office – doctors and other medical personnel – to deliver quality care, affordably and quickly. These modules cover Human Resources management, store inventory management, payroll administration, regulatory compliance, accounting and financial management.

• Support Modules

Support modules provide the operational stability needed to run medical facilities smoothly and cost-efficiently. Aqxolt has designed custom modules to support medical work streams not related patient care and management. These modules include housekeeping, billing systems, facilities security, business continuity planning and central sterile supply department.

Aqxolt Delivers Adaptive, Cost-Effective Solutions

Aqxolt ERP embeds adaptive and affordable solutions for medical facilities ranging from hospitals and research labs to clinics and nursing homes. Modules are easy to use and customise, and patient safety is at the center of the application. Health facilities also can use the software to better identify and correct operational inefficiencies.


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