Hosted ERP Benefits

The number of business industries and organizations are growing faster today. Whatever business sector or industry an organization belongs to, it is a known fact that the company invests in a large number of manpower and assets. The management of all these inventories and assets is highly complicated and at the same time, it is important that the information remains confidential. The investment on the hardware purchase and the costs involved in the implementation, maintenance and upgrading of these hardware and software is yet another time consuming process. In order to make the business process simple, these transformation has been done through ERP. In order to provide a better flexible business management process, a cloud computing based ERP is mandatory. The benefits of using a hosted ERP system is that they are highly secure, interoperable, and maintainable. The reasons why a Cloud based ERP system is preferred is discussed as below:

Less investment – The cloud based ERP systems are mostly available on the pay as you go subscription. Therefore, the time and money required to invest on the ERP system implementation could be saved. There is no hardware or software installation. The ERP software is automatically monitored all through the day. On the whole, it reduces the overall costs.

Faster Implementation – The cloud ERP systems are easy to implement and manage. The suppliers take the whole responsibility of getting the ERP systems hosted and therefore, there is no requirement for the organization to install software or hardware. It is beneficial for the companies to save money and manpower.

Less maintenance costs – Since the data gets stored in the cloud, there is no need of database servers. This in turn provides an open space in the organizations and reduces the cost of electricity and other maintenance costs. The data gets stored in many locations in the cloud and can be accessed by authorized persons from remote locations.

Continuous updates – The cloud based ERP systems gets automatically updated from time to time. The new functions provide the users with more productivity. Moreover, there is no need of an IT expert to work and monitor the server or the ERP system for updates which in turn saves manpower and time.

User friendly: Since, the hosted cloud based ERP systems have their data storage in the cloud, it is not required for the user to remain in the office and work to access data. The user can even work while travelling or from home by accessing the data through mobile devices provided he has an internet connection.

Shared accessibility – Since the data can be accessed over the internet, any user with authorization can easily share the resources with other employees in a remote location. The data stored in the cloud is backed up automatically. This means that the data sent to the cloud is automatically stored in two different locations. Even if data in one location gets crashed, there is always a backup data for use. Therefore, the cloud based ERP systems are highly secure.