Safety in Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Regardless of individual opinions regarding the safety or lack of it when using technology, one factor is constant. Technology, has for some time been changing the capabilities of human beings. When used by the right people and for the right purposes, technology can provide a safer environment and future.

Safety in Manufacturing and the Supply Chain

Whether in business, military, industries or social media, technology can provide the level of safety and security required. With Augmented reality (AR), it becomes possible to look inside the plants in an industry and establish areas that could be experiencing technical problems. Additionally, it would also incorporate a step-by-step guide that would offer instructions on ways to repair the problem. A company may choose to utilize numerous apps available or glass wear such as the Google Glass, which helps in the identification of problems.


While AR may still be experiencing questions regarding its credibility and effectiveness, it is obvious that the future can be limitless especially in the hands of the right people. Without touching an overheating engine, people will be able to identify problems safely using AR. Drones are also popular whenever safety and security is mentioned. Drones are often the soldiers in the sky especially in hostile regions. They may also be used for recreational purposes especially in regions where accessibility is a major problem. Drones can also be used to increase safety especially during the handling of dangerous substances. In any great industry, there is always some degree of danger lurking. In some instances, tasking a robot with certain duties may be much safer than carrying out the tasks in person.

There is a way that we are using Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) and a possible way that we can use such systems to increase the effectiveness and provide a safer environment for all. Currently, RTLS are used to track employees especially when delivering or distributing products. However, the same apps may also be used on vehicles in order to offer immediate help when need be. Such systems have the capability of sending an automated signal to the closest dispatch center whenever a driver encounters a problem along the way. Vehicles may also be designed with a self-driving capability in order to aid the driver whenever a break is due and the need to go on with the journey exists. Such technologies can help make life easier and safer at a maximum.