Technology in Business

The business world is becoming more and more innovative. Business technology which goes to the very foundation of business is on the rise. Technology is the primary driver of the world. Customers are always looking for new experiences while businesses are on the move to find new ways of minimizing operational cost in order to maximize profit. If you are ready to match up, why not take a walk with me through an amazing and innovative technology. New trends have triggered several developments in the ecosystem of software. The old system of customer correspondence are now being taking over by the bot systems.

The winning trend

The use of bots has become prevalent among many businesses today. This is because it is cost effective and improves the business’ responsiveness to customer request. Even though the introduction of machine learning and artificial intelligence is changing the phase of bots usage in business, many of the known bots are lacking in intelligence. Many of the big companies in the industry such as, Facebook, amazon, google, Microsoft, etc. are picking up on the use of bots.

The rise of bot machines

The rise in the usage of consumer messaging applications such as Facebook, twitter, Whatsapp, etc. has given an increasing popularity to bots. These apps corresponded with users through an integration of services such as video sharing into one messaging app. They also created platforms where people could make mobile payments and in-store payments and where other activities like taxi booking could be conducted. Facebook also followed with their Uber ride where customers can book for a ride through their messenger.

Technology in Business

The need for bots

Quick customer response is an expectation of every customer. Receiving notification from bots will not be a new ‘song’ to the customer because they receive messages every dayfrom their friends. With the first experience, everyone will be amazed at how a news application can update you on recent stories. However, you will be very much appreciative of how the news bot has delivered a personalized suggestion in such a unique manner that you will love it.

Many businesses, today, are using bots to enter and retrieve information. Others use bots to undertake a number of transactions. This has given rise to the usage of bots in prominent businesses. Businesses even uses bots to undertake tasks which are more sophisticated in nature. They are used to book airline tickets, convene meetings and even act as the primary reviewers of medical conditions of patients if they are used at the hospital.

Many companies have adopted the use of chat bots in handling some of the issues of customer service such as; customer request, quires and among others in many instances they are situated at the desk to handle customer responses. Bots are being developed almost always developed to handle more advanced issues in businesses such as interviews.  When many of the systems in business are automated, cost of production decreases because less of manual labor is used.