Finding a Reliable Supplier

[fusion_text]You might have toured to several countries across the world, and probably discovered a nice product that you may need to include in your local retail business. Apart from adding the product into your stock, you may be interested in owning the item for personal use. No matter your intentions, you need to identify a good supplier from that country. Where do you start?

Alright, you can opt to consult various online resources such as ThomasNet, Alibaba among others. Still, you can contact your country’s Embassy office in order to assist you find a reliable supplier. However, you need first to identify the manufacturer of the product simply by checking the product’s package. Obviously, most producers do indicate their company’s name and address on the product package.

With so many options available for searching a supplier, we shall look at the best possible tips to identify the best supplier that will satisfy your needs;

  1. Is the Supplier a Good Fit for You?

To find out whether the company is fit for you or not, check the following;

  • The company’s management and its commitment to the importation initiative
  • Well detailed and appealing production information
  • Appealing packaging, quality standards, delivery convenience, and price charge
  • Organizational structure, from package to delivery process
  • Reputation in the industry
  1. Is the Supplier Consistent to Satisfy the Demand?

To find if the supplier is consistent, check the following;

  • Make use of the online resources such as on line portals to see if the how the manufacturer has performed over the recent months (volume of sales, company’s size, any customer complaints, and the number of happy customers)
  • Do a research on other major merchandising outlets and check if there are similar products from that manufacturer. Also, ask other people from different countries if they have purchased from the same manufacturer
  • Check if the manufacturer has been featured on several influential blogs, or any other forms of social platforms
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions before striking a deal with the supplier. Ask if the supplier will be able to satisfy the demand, depending on the volume of orders you need within a specified period of time
  1. What is Your Level of Seriousness?

Lastly, you need to be ready for the deal. The manufacturer might be ready to supply the required volume of orders you need, but you fail on your side. Evaluate your abilities to keep up with the agreement. Ensure you are available to answer to emails, phone calls, or Skype calls. Yes, show confidence so that the supplier can develop trust in you.[/fusion_text][fusion_code]