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BENEFITS OF INTEGRATING ERP Organizations, in recent years are increasingly committing greater amount of resources to get an integrated Enterprise Resource support (ERP) and Business intelligence systems implemented. The business world as well is becoming more competitive, dynamic and innovative. Complex systems are introduced almost…

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WAVE PICKING in Warehouse For a better way to ensure productivity in goods and services, especially to meet the demands of customers, the management team of a company often get tasked with the responsibility of setting up a system to compensate the loopholes that come…

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Three Reasons Why ERP Is Essential

Why ERP is Essential Businesses had before operated as an organizational structure where every department operated in isolation. Modern technology has rendered that practice ineffective and have designed a more sophisticated way of bringing together the previously separated departments to reinstate the harmony which is…

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Cash Accounting

Cash Accounting Any business needs a clear record of all monetary transactions coming in and leaving the establishment, because this is what indicates whether it is financially stable of not. Cash accounting also known as cash-basis accounting is one of the financial recording approaches mostly…

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Internet of Things

The internet of things has in recent times become a growing topic of conversation in the workplace and our homes. It refers to the network of physical objects which have been embedded with electronics, sensors and network connectivity that makes it possible for these objects…

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Goals for Asset Management

Asset Management Regardless of the value of an organization’s assets, it is important to ensure that all asserts are protected and well managed. Asset management can help plan and maximize the returns on the investment. An effective asset management program can help achieve a wide…

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How Robots are Taking Our Jobs?

How Robots are Taking our Jobs Technology has undergone significant changes over the years. Unfortunately, technology has also resulted in job losses in various industries. On the other hand, advancements in technology have also meant more efficiency and faster service and product delivery. Historically, technology…

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Warehouse Operations Best Practices

Warehouse Operations Best Practices The process of warehouse management is not as straightforward as other management processes. Often, warehouse managers have to observe the flow of products in and out of the warehouse while accounting for any loses or damages. The warehouse manager also has…

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5 Common Procurement Problems

Procurement Problems Procurement systems are designed for speed, efficiency and accuracy. However, human error and organizational shortcomings are still witnessed despite precautions taken and can affect the company’s procurement system and purchasing ability. Some of the issues you may encounter include: Accidental orders This can…

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Purchase Order Myths

Purchase Order Myths Some of the common misconceptions about purchase order include: Purchase orders are not important Most of the Small Medium Enterprises consider purchase orders as not important in their business operation as they do not do lots of orders. However, the purchase order…

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FIFO and LIFO Methods of Inventory

FIFO (first-in, first-out) and LIFO (last-in, first-out) are the most common inventory valuation approaches used by business enterprises to account for the value of items sold. FIFO: This approach involves accounting for the value of inventory a company receives first when items are sold. It...
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Warehouse Zones

Warehouse Zones All warehouse design requires a decision concerning how to store stock. Some items can be placed in racks, some can be stored on pallets, and other items can require specialized storage bins. Small items can be stored using a rotating basket or bin….

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Public Warehouse

Public Warehouse All organizations supply chain will have and require a warehousing function. The warehouse space can be owned by the organization, a third party logistics company, or a public warehouse. From time to time, additional warehouse space is needed due to a variety of…

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Planning Your Warehouse Layout

Planning Your Warehouse Layout When planning a new warehouse layout or making existing warehouse design changes to support a new product, there are some important decisions to be made that will directly affect the results of your warehouse project. A comprehensive assessment of warehousing goals…

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Measures of Warehouse Productivity

 Warehouse Productivity The warehouse is the heart of the wholesale distribution system. It is the place where the goods first arrive, are stored, packed, and then transported to various outlets for sale. Keeping track of the inventory in constant motion can make or break the...
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ERP for Warehouse Automation

Many companies carry out in-depth audit to investigate the inefficiencies and warehouse automation can help in reducing them. Usually it involves investigation of whole warehouse management systems. While proposing such system management may become hesitant because of the initial costs, fear of change and resources…

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Who runs the ERP implementation project

ERP Implementation Project There is equal probability of success and failure of an ERP implementation project. To know who should be held responsible for this, we first need to understand who runs the ERP implementation. In the start interviews should be held by project team…

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Old Software is bad software

Old Software is bad software Applications now play a vital role in several key business operations. To get the desired results you need to ensure that all the software and applications in use are of the latest and the most stable versions. Several vital financial…

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Accounting Software

Accounting Software The fast moving world and tremendous competition in every field means that now every business needs to keep up and match the pace of the rest of the world. Software are taking over from the manual methods in every fields. There are many…

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How much does an ERP implementation cost?

ERP Implementation Cost The first question that any business organization would think about before implementing or opting a new process or an asset is the cost of implementation in the whole process. Although all business organizations prefer the best software, they also prefer the assets…

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The Advantages of Hosted ERP

Hosted ERP Benefits The number of business industries and organizations are growing faster today. Whatever business sector or industry an organization belongs to, it is a known fact that the company invests in a large number of manpower and assets. The management of all these…

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How to Set Shipping Rates For Your Business

Shipping Rates for Business Online retail companies need to implement advanced technological solutions in order to be able to grow their business in today’s competitive marketplace. One of the efficient ways of shipping products is by using the FedEx specialized E-Commerce Solutions that help companies…

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