Who is one step ahead of the game? Who changes things when it’s needed rather than waiting until it’s too late?

Those in the know!


There are some real tell-tale signs that you need to change and upgrade your ERP system. Old, out of date systems cost you time and money – nobody wants that. The biggest issue can be how to know when it’s time to make a change. Don’t be left in the dark. Here’s our guide to the top reasons that you need to change your ERP system-

  1. When your system isn’t cloud-based

Take a look at what you currently use and if it’s not on a cloud then it’s definitely time to change your ERP system. PC-based systems don’t cut the mustard any more. You want to be able to adapt with the times, roll with the punches and keep one step ahead of your competitors.


  1. When your current system is not customizable


Those days are gone, my friend. Technology has moved on so far that any ERP solution that wasn’t customized to your business is closing in on being obsolete.

Why use a system that wasn’t designed for you?

Why use a system that was made for someone else?




  1. When you’re banging your head against the wall with your current system

We’ve all been there, it’s when you’re current platform just drives you round the twist, when you dread clicking that button to open it up. You and your team may have reached the point where it’s time to start again.


  • It doesn’t work first time
  • It takes a long time to load
  • It doesn’t quite do what you want
  • It isn’t integrated
  • It isn’t intuitive

The fact may be that your current system is slow, is cumbersome or just doesn’t work for you.


  1. When your customers start to notice the flaws


It can be really embarrassing when one of your customers notices the flaws in your current ERP software. Of customers comment or feedback that there are issues then it’s definitely time to change. There is no excuse in the book that will satisfy a customer that feels let down by your system. You can’t replace a great system in any way shape or form. Retaining your customers is far, far more cost-effective than marketing for new customers.



  1. When errors the system produces outweigh the quality work

It’s easily done – you begin to auto-correct your system and the results it produces.

“I know that’s not right – it gave me the same wrong answer last week”

So you add your own answers, make manual adjustments and gradually you end up doing all the work yourself.


For managing your growing company, it’s imperative to get an ERP system. If you already got one but the unexpected costs are piling on your desk, it’s better to think once again. It’s not a good sign to pay hidden maintenance fee, limited-user license fee and other add-ons which were never mentioned while purchasing the ERP system. After all, an ERP system is help you navigate your market and not for unexpected headaches or work hinderings.

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential…these are the keys to unlock the door to personal excellence” Confucius

The way you view your business and your achievements is an important part of your being. To be able to look back on a business of fulfillment and experiences is something that most of us hold as very important. As part of this process you want to look back on experiences and goals fulfilled rather than tried and failed.